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Rainbow pets, plants, and pop culture by Lee Call, the DawgPainter. Radicalize your life with color!

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Rainbow pets, plants, and pop culture by Lee Call, the DawgPainter. Radicalize your life with color!

Hi! Welcome to my little shop. You can find out more about me here. I’m a varied artist specializing in painting, traditionally and digitally. I started as a professional artist in 2000, moving from portraits in graphite to paint when I accepted a commission from a neighbor for four 24x24” paintings for $200. I had always been obsessed with animals as a kid, so it was a good fit for me to focus on our relationship to animals and capturing that energy on canvas.

My brand went through some growing pains, but finally settled on DawgArt (when dogartdotcom was already taken) and I worked as a self-taught artist, selling work online and in galleries until I was accepted into a competitive Illustration program in 2009. I now hold a BFA in Illustration and have sold my work in every US state and over thirty countries worldwide.

I studied digital painting in school and loved it, but I wasn’t able to afford really good equipment. So I kept painting traditionally, focusing on animals and learning how to do social media.

One of the best parts about being a professional artist has been the opportunity to use my skills to benefit the human and animal lives of others. I’ve been privileged to work with many animal rescues and sanctuaries, donating artwork for fundraising, and it’s something I still do. Part of every sale in this shop will be donated to human or animal welfare.

I’ve been lucky enough to start painting with an iPad and the iOS software Procreate. There is a learning curve, but I love exploring the medium and experimenting with new things. Here in the DawgPainter Shop is where I’ll share my digital art featuring my love of rainbows, animals, pop culture, and pride. Every design here is hand drawn!

I live and work in Arizona, where I share an apartment in metroPhoenix with my family, two dogs and 90 plants. I hope you find something you like and thanks so much for visiting.